About me

My name is Natalia Winiarz. Share your vision and ideas with me and I will come up with their visual presentation. I will paint them with colours and mould them into shapes. Not only to please the eye, but also to meet goals and fulfil your expectations.

My primary occupation is an artist, then I became an architect. It is an interesting combination indeed :-). Since I can remember, I have enjoyed creating things. My childhood – rustle of folded paper, texture of small rocks, dry twigs and painted cardboard. That is how I built my first zoo model with origami animals.


… coffee aroma, paper sheets, pencil, typing sound, Illustrator, Photoshop and a cat stretching on the desk. This is my workplace, own business for three years now. I am a graphic designer.


Before I made a decision about setting up my own business, I had experimented artistically in many different ways. Drawing, painting, sculpting, architectural models and designs at the university, and even stained glass work. Graphics had always been something common between all of them.

At the beginning I made graphic designs mostly for family and friends, later for foundations, associations and other clients. The next step was to establish my own company and since then I have been working with Polish and foreign customers.

I am still experimenting, but differently. I am a founder of Gwarne Ciuchy. It is a unique collection of graphics with illustrated Poznan dialect for T-shirts and other gadgets. Available here.


I have no doubt that being surrounded by beautiful objects and images brings out positive emotions in us and thus makes us feel good. Graphic designs and illustrations can be inspiring, thought provoking, surprising or simply eye pleasing. They are the most important elements of identification of companies and initiatives. I strongly believe that visual identification of your activities and ideas should be perceived as positive and relevant.


I am a Wife and a Mum. I originally come from Poznan, which does not necessary mean that I eat “pyry” (regional potato dish) everyday ;-) I easily enjoy little things – morning quietness, a squirrel munching a nut crossing the street, smell of home cooked vegetables for lunch, my Husband’s jokes and my Daughter’s smile.


Since I decided to take things into my own hands, I feel free. I have chosen a path, managed to catch the wind and I am now off into the open sea. If you want to get in touch with me, send an e-letter in a bottle. I will find it and write back to you.