At some point “Moo” was heard, followed by “Ehhh”. Suddenly breathless Cleopatra emerged out of the bushes. Cleopatra was a cow with an extravagant taste. “I have finally found you!” – she said relieved and her ginger mane fell over her eyes. But Zuzia with her little legs dangling was still looking into the distance, where incredible things were happening…

illustration_Natalia Winiarz

Your child being a character of a story? Why not? I will create an original and unique illustration of your child and its favourite, animated toy.



The illustration is made upon an individual request. Original and one of a kind drawing, picturing your child and its favourite toy. I place the characters into a magical setting and create a suitable atmosphere. Drawings are made based on your child’s and its toy photographs delivered.

I can draw a series of two, three or more illustrations.

The technique I use is described/presented above. Other techniques such as watercolours are also possible.





The price for creating one illustration starts from $300 gross (does not apply to a series of drawings) + costs of printing and mailing. After I have familiarised myself with all the details of the assignment I will provide a final quotation. The price will depend on the number of details and characters as well as form of publishing.

Ready illustration will be properly wrapped and dispatched to you via courier service.




Form to the initial cost evaluation

If you would like to make your child, yourself or your family happy with a fairy-tale gift – simply let me know (




Stage 1

If you like my style and would like to have an extraordinary illustration – do get in touch with me.

Stage 2

I will collect information about your assignment and your expectations and based on that I will prepare a quotation.

Stage 3

After we have discussed and agreed on all details, I will start sketching. The first sketch will be submitted for your approval. At this point you are welcome to suggest changes with regard to composition or specific elements.

Stage 4

Upon your approval of the sketch, I will start developing it into a complete illustration, which then will be sent to you for viewing. At this stage changes in colours are still possible.

Stage 5

If you are happy with the final drawing, you will be asked to make a payment and I will take care of publishing and preparation for dispatch.

Stage 6

A complete and secured illustration will be sent to you via courier :-)

Delivery time is around 2 weeks counting from the moment when all details have been agreed upon.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Happy to give you answers!